Moments captured through the lens and on canvas.

Sweet Journey

May God bless our Graduate and give her a bright future.


Creating movement through the line – it’s about capturing the gesture and essence of the object.

A Study in Mixed Media

Working with a variety of paper, glass and reflective acrylic this painting has a mirror like quality. I work interactively with the materials not knowing how some pieces will turn out – to get lost in the process is what I love. It’s a dance with the canvas.

Renewal No.4

Butterflies seem to represent grace through the struggle. I am always painting them. I try to portray their fragility in the lines of the body and their strength in the wings.

Passion Flower

It’s a humid spring day down at the Pearl. Walking with friends I encountered an entire wall of these amazing flowers- as we wilt, they thrive!

A Dark Mist

I feel that this painting very much represents the woman who bought it. She is elegant and mysterious. She has always inspired me.

Golden Mirage

Considering Santa Fe …… painted while reflecting on the environment and experience.

Houston Opera

Her first pair of heels……  ready to enjoy a favorite event – the Opera!